Rap as art? Find out in Kazimierz


This is much more than just music. It is a passion, a way of expressing yourself, it is simply life. Let us get carried away onto a journey to the most mysterious parts of rap. Especially that Ice-T himself will lead it. You are invited to the Polish premiere of “Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap”.

The legendary rapper, whose politically engaged songs oppose injustice (he is mainly against racism), unveils for the viewers the mysteries of “black music”.  Making his directing debut, Ice-T is also an actor/interviewer who questions the greatest celebrities of rap (inter alia Eminem, Snoop Dog, RUN-DMC). The conversations and footage reveal how the street music became so powerful.


Ice-T wants to show that rap is much more than gang wars, baseball caps, wide trousers and flood of words. It is real art! The musicians presented therein are phenomenal, talented and rebelled – which is a perfect reference to this year’s theme of the festival.

Rap is intriguing and arouses strong emotions, however it still remains terra incognita to some extent. Let us trust then the charismatic director and listen to an amazing story which will certainly not be a disappointment.

Małgorzata Węgrzyn