Films selected at the most important festivals round the world: Venice, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, Transilvania, Riga, Portoroz, Ljubljana, Black Nights, Bratislava – and the ones held in Poland: Koszalin, Gdynia, Kraków.


A review of new, often premiere short-length films. This section comprises of awarded shorts from international festivals and the best short, professional Polish films from the previous season.


Their aim is to familiarise the viewers with prominent directors whose output had or is having a key influence on the directions of world cinematography. The protagonists of this year will be Fridrik Thor Fridriksson and Marek Koterski.


Films which enter the ISFC are feature films, documentaries, animations ad experimental films that last up to 60 minutes and were produced in 2011 or 2012.


This year’s Two Riversides will begin with the Polish premiere of “Reality,” directed by Matteo Garrone, which won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.


“An Extraordinary Voyage” – about the discovery of Melies’ cinematic effects, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” – winner of the European Parliament’s LUX Prize, a documentary by Dorota Kędzierzawska and Artur Reinhart “Inny Świat”/”A Different World” – whose protagonist is Danuta Szaflarska,


The aim of this section is to show natural relationships between music and film. We present music films and films about music, sometimes we also screen concert footage as well. A holiday of music and film together with a festival-opening event.


Unticketed shows which extensively promote outstanding film productions. Wonderful pictures which were only distributed in a few copies. This is our idea for what is worth saving from the last season.


It is a particular form of our special guests’ meeting with the festival audience. The artists talk about their fascination with art, artistic sins and craft secrets.


Actor’s retrospective. Our guest will be Marek Kondrat. We will show movies and TV theatre productions with his participation and invite our viewers to participate in a meeting with the actor.


German Expressionism is a trend, which at the beginning of the last century brought a breakthrough solution: formal, linguistic and thematic, and which has its followers to this day.


Author of rustic or existential literature? Wiesław Myśliwski cannot to be piegeonholed, his prose combines the raw language of a countryside reality with deep, universal reflection.


The screenings which are organised in the Janowiec City, presenting films that are valuable and renown, but do not represent the so-called mainstream cinematic art.


At the Film and Art Festival Two Riversides the most important and only jury is the audience. Films which take part in the Poll are ones from the World Under Canvas and feature film premieres from other sections produced in 2011 and 2012.


This year we will show three monodramas: “Moja Droga B.”/“My Dear B.” (directed by Marek Koterski), “Moskwa-Pietuszki”/”Moscow Petushki” – legendary performance from the Kana Theatre and “Teatralność”/“Theatricality” performed by stage-debutant Mateusz Nowak.


During Two Riversides we want to popularise this art form, which, in accordance with the idea behind the festival, is based on the co-existence of different fields of art.


Presentation of artists from Poland and abroad, composers and performers of classical, jazz, alternative music.


Each year, we organise exhibitions of local artists in cooperation with the College of Fine Arts, the Vistula Museum, and the Klimaty Gallery (Mięćmierz village).


Meetings with remarkable creators of film, art and literature from around the world. The festival town and the fact that the it takes place in the open air lets our audience mix holidays with broadening their knowledge and making international connections.