Rising Above the Blues: The Story of Jimmy Scott – dir. Yoon-Ha Chang, 2011

date: 01/08/2012 time: 21:00 place: PGE Cinema film program: music my love film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

RO, USA, DE, FR, UL, CZ | 2011 | 89 min
reż|dir  Yoon-Ha Chang scen|wr Ralf Kemper, Yoon-ha Chang prod|pro Ralf Kemper zdj|ph Yoon-Ha Chang muz|mus Ralf Kemper mon|ed Yoon-Ha Chang ob|cast Quincy Jones, Joe Pesci, Phil Ramone, Kenny Barron, Joey DeFrancesco, James Moody dys|dis Kemper Music Group


A documentary about one of the most important figures in the history of jazz and pop music. Jimmy Scott is 85 years old and, despite his unquestionable influence on the development of music, he has not been recognised by a broader group of fans. The beginnings of his career seemed fruitful. In 1963, Ray Charles produced an album with Jimmy, however it was not released until 2005… The film takes us on a musical journey through the soul-stirring life of Scottie. We are accompanied by international stars such as Joe Pesci, Quincy Jones, and James Moody, smitten by Jimmy Scott’s amazing voice. An extraordinary film about an icon of art, a man who never lost hope and never stopped dreaming.

Yoon-Ha Chang (1984)
Director and editor. “Rising Above the Blues” is his film debut.