Cut Paste | Wytnij Wklej – dir. Rafał Samusik , 2012

date: 03/08/2012 time: 14:15 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

PL | 2012 | 29 min
reż|dir  Rafał Samusik prod|pro Dorota Roszkowska scen|wr Rafał Samusik zdj|ph Kacper Czubak muz|mus Radek Luca mon|ed Paweł Suchta


Failure of medicine lies at the foundations of transplantation. Unsuccessful resuscitation. A brain that dies. But somewhere faraway there is a man with a heart condition, waiting, for whom this death means a chance – several hours since one man’s death is the time span comprising another person’s chance to live. “Cut paste” is a thrilling, metaphysical action documentary where instead of shootings and car chases we witness moments in which the most important things are genuinely decided upon. Events in the film make up an overwhelming panorama of human tragedies and little victories, of fighting for life and idle expectation of the rescue. We follow the trail of despair and hope, getting to know participants of the drama.  We linger with them for a moment observing their struggle with time, various hindrances and… their own weaknesses.

Rafał Samusik (1978)
Having graduated from architecture he was admitted into Directing Faculty of Katowice Film School. After his studies, during which he made “War Games”, an award winning film, screened all over the world, he moved to Warsaw. In 2012, within the Dekalog89+ project he made a feature film “Real” that was featured at, inter alia, Cannes. At present, he is working on 30-minute long film “Grandson” and his feature-length debut “Lazybones”. Lives in Warsaw, Bialystok and Suprasl.