Wolf Carver | Sudenveistäjä – dir. Aino Suni, 2011

date: 31/07/2012 time: 13:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

FI | 2011 | 13 min
reż|dir Aino Suni pro|pro Ilona Tolmunen scen|wr Aino Suni zdj|ph Kerttu Hakkarainen muz|mus Suvituuli Kataja mon|ed Jussi Sandhu ob|cast Jaana Joensuu, Kai Lehtinen dys|dis Ad Astra Films

Sulo is a lonely outside-artist who lives in the countryside. One day he is going to meet his ex-girlfriend, but meets only a young girl with a trailer full of cardboard boxes. That´s how starts an eventful moving trip through the snowy finnish landscape with Lada. Sulo finds out that the girl is his daughter and has to struggle with the question, whether to tell that to the girl. But it’s complicated.

Aino Suni (1985)
Finnish director and screenwriter. Aino Suni became interested in movies through her first film experiments in Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts. Later, in the year 2011, she gratuated from Tampere School of Art, Music and Media (TAMK), where she first studied cinematography, but soon was moved to directing and screenwriting. During her studies she has directed eight short films, both fiction and documentary. Suni’s thesis work ‘Wolf Carver’ has been shown in prestigious film festivals in Europe.