Ring Road, The | Hringurinn – dir. Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, 1985 – PREMIERE

date: 02/08/2012 time: 16:45 place: Allianz Cinema film program: retrospective of Fridrik Thor Fridriksson artistic program: films

IS | 1985 | 78 min

reż|dir Fridrik Thor Fridriksson pro|pro scen|wr Fridrik Thor Fridriksson zdj|ph Fridrik Thor Fridriksson muz|mus Lárus Grímsson mon|ed Fridrik Thor Fridriksson


A hypnotising experiment and play on film, covering many grounds: physics, math, and geography. The camera is tied to the dashboard of a car and connected to a computer. The vehicle is moving along the most important Icelandic highway, the „Ring Road,” which has a ring shape and encircles the entire island, connecting different parts of the country. A frame is shot every 10 metres, thus imitating the speed of sound. The result is an exceptional recording of the beauty and variety of Icelandic nature: volcanoes covered in snow, valleys, seashores, lakes, geysers and glaciers captured in a variable palette of colours. Fridriksson also succeeded in his untypical attempt to change our habits as receivers. The project was finished in 1974, on the 1100th anniversary commemorating the first settlers.