TV THEATRE | Open Couple, The | Związek otwarty – dir. Krystyna Janda, 2000

date: 29/07/2012 time: 10:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: and God created actor. Marek Kondrat artistic program: theatre

PL | 2000 | 52 min
reż|dir Krystyna Janda prod|pro Paweł Rakowski scen|wr Dario Fo, Franca Rame zdj|ph Edward Kłosiński muz|mus Ryszard Rynkowski  mon|ed Milenia Fiedler ob|cast Krystyna Janda, Marek Kondrat, Tomasz Borkowski, Artur Kruczek, Adam Łoniewski, Michał Sieczkowski dys|dis TVP


Television Theatre’s staging of the text written in 1997 by the Italian Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo and Franco Rama. “The Open Couple” is a composition close to  commedia dell’arte, giving the actors quite an opportunity to use expression and improvisation, enabling genuine, creative contact with the audience.


A middle-aged marriage is going through a prolonged crisis. The husband habitually becomes involved in more and more affairs, and informally speaks about it to his wife, giving her detailed descriptions. As a supporter of an open relationship he sees no wrong in that. On the contrary, he thinks his attitude is modern, disavowing  middle-class convention. Barbara cannot understand her husband but she decides to put the idea of an “open couple” into practice and get other men interested in her.

2000 Lato Filmów/Film Summer in Kazimierz Dolny – award for the best TV Theatre play