TV THEATRE | Watch, The | Zegarek – dir. Andrzej Zakrzewski, 1980

date: 02/08/2012 time: 10:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: and God created actor. Marek Kondrat artistic program: theatre

PL | 1980 | 50 min
reż|dir Andrzej Zakrzewski scen|wr Jerzy Szaniawski muz|mus Zbigniew Wiszniewski ob|cast Jan Świderski, Marek Kondrat, Andrzej Szczepkowski dys|dis TVP


A staging of the classic radio play by Jerzy Szaniawski, written and produced for the first time in 1935, created by the Television Theatre. In a watchmaker’s shop a precious watch disappears while the shop owner is gone. A young, trusted apprentice claims that he was alone in the shop the whole time. The clockmaker does not believe the boy, accuses him of theft and dismisses him from his post. The mystery is solved years later, when the two men meet again. “The Watch,” directed by Andrzej Zakrzewski, is another theatre production of this text by the Television Theatre, after those directed by Józef Słotwiński (1955) and Jerzy Antczak (1961). The performance was awarded at the Polish Television Art Festival (1980).