TV THEATRE | Brother Elvis | Brat Elvis – dir. Łukasz Wylężałek, 2001

date: 01/08/2012 time: 10:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: and God created actor. Marek Kondrat artistic program: theatre

PL | 2001 | 57 min
reż|dir Łukasz Wylężałek prod|pro Wojciech Sadzik scen|wr Maryna Szczepańska, Michał Szczepański zdj|ph Wojciech Todorow muz|mus  Janusz „Yanina” Iwański mon|ed Rafał Sobczyk ob|cast Marek Kondrat, Andrzej Grabowski, Jan Jankowski, Agnieszka Warchulska, Grzegorz Warchoł, Tadeusz Huk, Piotr Dąbrowskidys|dis TVP


“Brother Elvis” is a contemporary comedy of manners produced in the Tatra Mountains. The atmosphere of the highland Podhale is even more palpable since it has been written (and played) entirely in the Podhale dialect – fully comprehensible for the tourists, though.

The old cabin of Władek Gąsienica is visited by a remote relative from America – Elvis. The guest, though completely unexpected, is heartily received by the highlander, his sister Hela and her husband Frank, who live with him. During the booze-filled welcome, Elvis confesses that he was raised as a highlander and that his biggest dream always was to see the ghost of the legendary Sabała. The confrontation of the wealthy Pole from the US and the clever hosts will become source of comical situations. The picture of Polish emigration brought face to face with the actual situation in the homeland, emphasised by Marek Kondrat’s brilliant acting, seems especially accurate.