Sons of The Clouds, The last Colony | Hijos de las Nubes, la Ultima Colonia – dir. Álvaro Longoria, 2012 – PREMIERE

date: 31/07/2012 time: 13:00 place: PGE Cinema film program: world under canvas film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

ES | 2012 | 110 min
reż|dir Álvaro Longoria prod|pro Javier Bardem, Lilly Hartley, Álvaro Longoria scen|wr Álvaro Longoria zdj|ph Yosu Inchaustegui muz|mus Fernando Velázquez mon|ed Yago Muñiz ob|cast Javier Bardem, Elena Anaya, Carlos Bardem, Manu Chao, Álvaro Longoria, Felipe González dys|dis Wild Bunch


A documentary produced by Javier Bardem who also appears in the film as an actor. The film investigates political crisis in Northern Africa and responsibilities of Western countries (mainly the USA and France) who follow Realpolitik in their foreign policy. In the doctrine, economic and geopolitical goals are more important than law and ethics. Such way of behaving brought about unusual instability into the region that was only to descend into chaos and violence. The picture focuses on Western Sahara, the last African colony according to the UN and a region on the verge of war. Bardem leads the viewers along winding paths of diplomacy and into the reality of forlorn people to make them understand how it could ever come to such situation and how to avoid the next war in Africa. “Sons of clouds” is a dynamic mixture of action, interviews and archival photographs, investigating the past to look towards the future.

Álvaro Longoria (1968)
A Spanish director, producer and actor. Known mainly for producing  uncompromising and provoking independent films including “Che” (2008) by Steven Sodernergh with Benicio del Toro and „Looking for Fidel” by Oliver Stone. “Sons of The Clouds, The last Colony” is his directorial debut.