Reception | Przyjęcie – dir. Maciej Bochniak, 2011

date: 02/08/2012 time: 14:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | 10 min.
reż|dir Maciej Bochniak prod|pro Impression 2 Films, Studio Munka, TVP scen|wr Maciej Bochniak zdj|ph Bartosz Puławski muz|mus Dawid Rudnicki mon|ed Tomasz Bochniak


One room, numerous young, “extraordinary” people. Performing strange rituals in long and dark corridors of a certain serious institution they are waiting for their 5 minutes that might change their lives. Who are they and why are they here?


The documentary was created within the “First Documentary” programme at the Andrzej Munk Studio.


Maciej Bochniak (1984)

Screenwriter, director, photographer, drum player, producer. A graduate from Screenwriting College at The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Co-founder of Impression2film. He made his film debut with a short film “I love you so much” (2009) and a documentary “Reception” (2011). Co-author of feature film “The Room” (2011), and author of feature-length documentary “One billion of happy people” (2011).