Causes of Drug Addiction, The | Przyczyny narkomanii – dir. Marek Koterski, 1982

date: 30/07/2012 time: 10:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: retrospective of Marek Koterski artistic program: films

PL | 1982 | 13 min

reż|dir  Marek Koterski pro|pro scen|wr Marek Koterski zdj|ph Jacek Bławut ob|cast Zofia Kucharska, Alicja Olejniczak, Maria Pakuła, Krzysztof Ciołkowski, Jan Freda, Andrzej Janicki, Krzysztof Sułek dys|dis Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych


A scripted documentary. The authors speak with primary school pupils on substance dependence.  Statements they utter when saying why people reach for drugs may appear to be personal  however, in reality the author made use of a brochure on drug addiction and notes from Monar rehabilitation centre in Gloskowo. Remembering his working on the film, Koterski underlined the difficulty a documentary author must face: to reconcile content of the documentary, objective in theory, with an inevitable act of creation that occurs while filming.

“The Causes of Drug Addiction” mark a turning point in Koterski’s works: a turn towards creation. Meticulous staging is particularly visible in photography by Jacek Bławut shot in, inter alia, underground passages and churches illuminated in a specific way.