place: The Big Market Square artistic program: meetings

Photosensitive Poland, the project of Dorota Kędzierzawska and Arthur Reinhart, for over a year has been reaching places which so far lacked the cinema. Together with films and their authors, we have covered about 23 690 kilometers. We have spent 80 days on the road. We have visited 36 places (some more than once) with eleven authors in order to talk with the audience for a total of 84 hours and, above all, watch films. These figures show how big of an undertaking ‘Photosensitive Poland’ has become. The award of Polish Film Institute granted to Photosensitive Poland on the 37th Gdynia Film Festival for the Polish film event of the year 2011 also proves how precious this initiative is.

This time we invite the audience of the Film and Art. Festival Two Riversides to inspiring, possibly not easy, but surely important conversations about Polish (and not only Polish) cinema. The main attraction of the photosensitive point conceals itself in the vehicles in which the Photosensitive Poland crew traverses Poland. We invite you to light painting in specially arranged interiors of Światko and Czułko (Photy and Sensy). On the Photosensitive Poland website you may find light paintings created by the Gdynia audience. We are counting on your presence and even sheerer luminous madness! See you!

Monika Sirojc