Parade, The | Parada – dir. Srdjan Dragojevic, 2011 – PREMIERE

date: 29/07/2012 time: 16:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: world under canvas film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

RS, HR, SI, ME, MK | 2011 | 115 min
reż|dir Srdjan Dragojevic prod|pro Biljana Prvanovic, Srdjan Dragojevic scen|wr Srdjan Dragojevic zdj|ph Dusan Joksimovic muz|mus  Igor Perovic mon|ed Petar Markovic ob|cast Nikola Kojo, Milos Samolov, Hristina Popovic, Goran Jevtic, Goran Navojec, Dejan Acimovic, Toni Mihajlovski dys|dis Film Europe


The film focuses on situation of homosexuals in Serbia and depicts preparations to a pride event. Some shots were made during an actual march that took place in Belgrade in 2012. Radomilo and Mirko are young and successful gay couple. They would be happy anywhere else except in Serbia. They try to live discreetly but still, every day they are abused by the homophobic majority. Plus, Mirko is a gay rights activist, and his dream is to organize the first successful Pride event in Belgrade. In 2001 this is almost a “mission impossible”; an attempt to hold such march ends up in bloodshed. One decade later, the situation is not much better – nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations threaten with another massacre in case of holding the gay parade, while the police refuse to provide protection for the participants.

2012 Berlin FF – Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Panorama Audience Award

Srdjan Dragojevic (1963)
A Serbian director and screenwriter. He graduated from psychology and film direction at Belgrade University. He made his debut in 1998 with a comedy “We Are Not Angels”. In subsequent years he worked for television and made his second film in 1996. “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame” is a war drama set against the backdrop of Yugoslavian civil war. Two years later he made “The wounds”, a bitter picture on living in Belgrade in the 90’s of the last century. Attendees of last year’s Two Riversides certainly remember “Montevideo” (2010) of which he was a co-writer.