Rykarda Parasol performed on the 5th of August in Kazimierz Dolny, during this year’s Two Riversides Film and Art Festival. The tickets have been sold out in a flash. We have even had visits from desperate fans who could not understand how it was possible that there were no tickets left! Rykarda Parasol performed in the Perła Festival Club (patio of SARP), and she was accompanied by young Polish musicians lead by pianist Marcin Partyka.

Rykarda Parasol, the mistress of Rock Noir, American singer, daughter of a Swedish immigrant and a Polish Jew. Compared to PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Johnny Cash, among others. Like the latter, she also gives concerts in prisons. | SEE PHOTOS

Parasol challenges our stereotypical ideas of about what a woman is allowed to do in music. She is an artist who satisfies our greatest demands that aim far beyond the context of pop music. Her next album is to be released in 2012.





photos:  Tomasz Stokowski