Outraged, The | Indignados – dir. Tony Gatlif, 2012

date: 30/07/2012 time: 12:30 place: PGE Cinema film program: world under canvas film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

FR | 2012 | 90 min
reż|dir Tony Gatlif prod|pro Tony Gatlif, Romain Malbosc, Claudie Ossard scen|wr Stéphane Hessel zdj|ph Colin Houben, Sébastien Saadoun muz|mus Valentin Dahmani, Delphine Mantoulet mon|ed Stéphanie Pédelacq ob|cast Mamebetty Honoré Diallo


Betty is a young girl from Africa. At the shores of Greece she is thrown off the boat of illegal emigrants. This is the beginning of her journey through subsequent countries of Europe. After a short stay in Paris, the girl travels to Spain where she lands in the middle of The Outraged Movement and she joins a manifestation in the streets of Madrid. Together with the heroine we travel around the rebelled Europe.

“Outraged” was inspired by a 13-page essay “Time for outrage!” by Stephane Hessel, a veteran of French resistance, a diplomat and a spiritual father of the outraged. Gatlif is known for his trance-inducing narration. In the film he mingles documentary and fictional photographs to depict rebelled Europe as seen by an illegal immigrant and to extract visual poetry from those pictures. The film was fiercely discussed at this year’s Berlin Festival.

Tony Gatlif (1948)
A director, a screenwriter, and an occasional actor. As a teenager he arrived to France from Alger along with the emigration surge of the 60’s of the last century. He graduated from acting school and started to appear on stage. His debut “La Tete en ruines” (1975) never saw its premiere screening. The critics acclaimed him no sooner than after “Les Princes” (1983). With regard to his Gypsy origins it is their culture his films depict most often.