Independent Short Films Competition Two Riversides 2012



We are pleased to announce the films that were qualified for the Short Film Competition. This year we have chosen 50 production – feature films, documents, and animations. Before full-length films we screen young artists’ short films. This way we want to bring back the fine tradition that makes it easier for young artists to enter the mass film circulation back to the cinemas.


Taking part in the Short Films Competition not only gives the opportunity to be shown on the big screen but also to confront one’s ideas with the most demanding jury: the audience. In the Short Films Competition the films are judged by an Independent Jury chosen from the festival audience. Members of the Independent Jury do not have any connections with films presented within the Competition or with the film industry itself. The main prize of the ISFC is 3000 PLN. There are also two additional prizes: directors will get 1000 PLN each.