Independent Jury – opening of the recruitment



This year our Independent Jury will not by chosen on a first-come-first-service basis but will be selected randomly.

We will be accepting your submissions from 18th June at noon until 24th June at noon. The applications are to be sent to our e-mail address The topic of the message should be based on this example: INDEPENDENT_JURY_SURNAME_NAME. The message should only include your phone number and date of birth. All other data shall not be taken into consideration.

Members of the Jury will choose films that will receive the Main Prize and two Mentions in the Independent Short Films Competition.

To become a Jury you have to be 18 years old or arrive at the full age by July 30. Members of the Independent Jury cannot have any connections with films presented within the Competition or with the film industry itself – no film institutions’ employees, students or graduates from film schools or from university departments connected with films will be accepted (before becoming a member of the Jury, each candidate is asked to sign a special declaration). A perfect candidate for an Independent Jury is a regular viewer.