Boo! | Muka! – dir. Kordian Kądziela, 2012

date: 02/08/2012 time: 14:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

PL | 2012 | 27 min
reż|dir Kordian Kądziela pro|pro Katarzyna Tymusz scen|wr Kordian Kądziela zdj|ph Cezary Stolecki muz|mus  Mikołaj Majkusiak mon|ed Magdalena Chowańska ob|cast Arkadiusz Jakubik, Andrzej Warcaba, Elżbieta Jarosik, Antoni Gryzik, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Michał Czernecki, Marek Pyś, Janina Nawrot 


Józef is 40 years old and has very few reasons to welcome a new day with a smile. There have been as many women in his life as real friends – none. His living space is limited to three square meters. This is how much space he is allowed both at work (a parking booth) and at home (a small room in his mother’s flat). The situation gets even more complicated when one day he becomes arrested by two strange men in unfashionable suits. “Boo!” is a bitter-sweet story based on Kafka’s Trail and experiences of Piotr K. from Raclawice Slaskie in Opolskie province.

Kordian Kądziela (1987)
Third year student in Film Directing at Radio and Television Faculty University of Silesia in Katowice. A graduate in Organization of Film and Television Production at the same faculty. His film “Boo!” entered Young Cinema Competition at Gdynia Film Festival in 2012. The second director of “When the Light of Dawn Arises” – the winner in Young Cinema Competition at Gdynia Film Festival. Author of music video to “Monkey, Monkey” by Slutocasters – nominated for the best newcomer at the Festival of Polish Music Videos Yach Film 2011. Co-author of the play “The Rebellious Bus or No-Holds-Barred Ride” and co-director of its staging at the Ateneum Theatre in 2011.