MY DEAR B. – The Polonia Theatre | a special performance directed by Marek Koterski

date: 30/07/2012 time: 21:00 place: Perła Club film program: retrospective of Marek Koterski artistic program: theatre

Author: Krystyna Janda | Directing and adaptation: Marek Koterski | Cast: Małgorzata Bogdańska | Premiere night: 26 January 2012

A monodrama based on Krystyna Janda’s book – a collection of feuilletons – by the same title. The book, and thus the text of the performance, is composed of letters to a friend, Ms B., with whom you talk about everything: about observations, dreams, worries, states of the soul, regrets, and resentment towards the world and people. You talks about yourself and other women. About the world and children, youth and fears, and about insomnia.

The stage adaptation of those feuilletons is a work created by a “special” man with a clear and thoughtful view, sometimes ironic but, after all, always kind – Marek Koterski. He also directed the performance. The actress is Małgorzata Bogdańska, who plays in film and theatre – on many of Warsaw’s stages – also in the Och-Theatre in “The afterlife, or do dogs have souls?”

Is that what women are like? Who knows. Małgorzata Bogdańska and Krystyna Janda are like that. But in this performance they are, first and foremost, the way in which Marek Koterski saw them.

From the editorial review of Krystyna Janda’s book: “In her perception of the world, Krystyna Janda shows the same incredible gift of observation which amused the readers of her previous best-seller – ‘Stars Have Red Claws.’ She does not divide people’s affairs into ‘great’ and ‘small:’ she can be fascinated with the view from a window as deeply as with the poetry of Halina Poświatowska. But what is the most important for Janda is meeting people – those famous, like a certain director in love with his own dog, or the deeply missed Jacek Janczarski, or the anonymous ones that you only meet once, like the recently widowed hotel doorman or a cyclist who might have just had a heart attack. It is the gift of compassion and understanding for others that gives this book the great, winsome authenticity. We can safely say that the letters which this book is composed of have a cogency similar to her great roles. At the same time, the texts do not lack distance towards the world and generous humour. It allows the author to, for example, treat a swindler that she met on a train, or the snobbish fads that tell us to be ‘like somebody’ – with a pinch of salt. In her feuilletons, Krystyna Janda shows how an ordinary event can be extraordinary, and makes us realise that it only depends on us how deep our experience will be. An additional highlight for the reader is several dozen photos from the author’s archive, which have not been published before.”
MAŁGORZATA BOGDAŃSKA – Graduated from the PWSFTviT Film School in Łódź. Her graduating role was Marie in “Marie and Woyzeck,” directed by A. Hanuszkiewicz. In Warsaw, she debuted with the role of Sonia in “Crime and Punishment,” directed by J. Machulski in the Ochota Theatre. She played over 30 roles in the Ochota Theatre, including: “Educating Rita” directed by J. Machulski, “Sylvia” and “Maidens’ Vows” by T. Mędrzak, “The Three of Us” by J. Bratkowski, “Ivanov” by E. Korin, “No Exit” by J. Bratkowski, “A Man Comes to a Woman” by Z. Wardejn, and “The Dining Room” by A. Walden. Her film career includes roles in: “The House” directed by J. Łomnicki, “Labyrinth” by P. Karpiński, “Being Forty, 20 Years Later” by J. Gruza/A. Iwiński, “The Story of Harley” by W. Helak, “The Bash” by Ł. Wylężałek, or “We Are All Christs” by M. Koterski.







































































































photo. Robert Jaworski