Marley – dir. Kevin Macdonald, 2012

date: 29/07/2012 time: 21:00 place: PGE Cinema film program: music my love film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

US, UK | 2012 | 144 min
reż|dir Kevin Macdonald prod|pro Charles Steel zdj|ph Mike Eley, Alwin H. Kuchler, Wally Pfister mon|ed Dan Glendenning ob|cast Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Rita Marley, Cedella Marley, Chris Blackwell dys|dis Fortissimo, Best Film


He loved women, football, and marijuana, but his greatest love was music – Bob Marley, the best known Jamaican in the world, the King of Reggae, called the prophet of Rasta, a living legend.

Kevin Macdonald’s film “Marley” is an enormous dose of good energy, an over-two-hour trip to the world of joy, music, love, and unity above our differences. That is the world Bob Marley created during the 36 years of his life, a vision which spread among millions of people on every continent. New generations are raised on his music and ideas. He has millions of fans on Facebook, and his songs have been played on YouTube billions of times.

Kevin Macdonald (1967)
Scottish director, born in Glasgow. Graduated from the Glenalmond College. Documentary and feature films, whose plots refer to the biographies of history’s and culture’s key figures, constitute an important part of his filmography. The plot of his first film, the documentary “Making of an Englishman,” is based on the biography of his great-grandfather; other films feature such figures as: Howard Hawks, Idi Amin, or Mick Jagger. He was awarded an Oscar for best documentary film for his ”One Day in Spetember.