Legend of Kaspar Hauser, The | La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser – dir. Davide Manuli, 2012

date: 03/08/2012 time: 16:15 place: PGE Cinema film program: world under canvas film program: the audience poll artistic program: films

IT | 2012 | 85 min
reż|dir Davide Manuli prod|pro Alessandro Bonifazi, Davide Manuli, Bruno Tribbioli scen|wr Davide Manuli zdj|ph Tarek Ben Abdallah mon|ed Rosella Mocci ob|cast Vincent Gallo, Claudia Gerini, Elisa Sednaoui, Fabrizio Gifuni, Silvia Calderoni, Marco Lampis dys|dis Intra Movies


According to the legend Kaspar Hauser is a mysterious boy who appeared in 1828 in Nuremberg and was able to pronounce scarcely a few words. He had two letters on him addressed to a military man with pleas to take the boy into his custody and indication of the boy’s date of birth. For two months the boy is accommodated in city prison where he suffers epilepsy and catalepsy attacks.  Very soon he becomes a local curiosity – some believe him to be a fraud, others hint at his relations to the family of Great Prince of Baden. Hauser became an inspiration to numerous artists beginning from Paul Verlaine who wrote him a poem up to Werner Herzog who made “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” in 1974.

The most recent version of the story is a surreal, post-futuristic, black and white tale full of absurd humour. Instead of Nuremberg, the freak appears on the shores of the X island by the Y sea in the year 0. He looks like an autistic teenager with headphones on his ears and willing to become a club DJ, just like his father.

Davide Manuli (1967)
An Italian director, actor, poet and photographer. He studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York. He played in, inter alia, “The Contenders” by Tobias Meineck (1993) and „Nelle tue mani Petera Del Monte” (2007).  He cooperated with Al Pacino and Able Ferrara as an assistant director. In 2008 his film “Beket” won critics award at the Locarno Festival.