Art Canal III – vernissage | Confraternity of Art in Kazimierz

date: 03/08/2012 time: 19:00 place: Grodarz artistic program: exhibitions

Opening of the “Art Canal III” exhibitions in the canal of the Grodarz river near Nadrzeczna Street (by the square) in Kazimierz Dolny will take place on the 3rd od August 2012 at 19.00 and will be connected with the concert of the „Dziady kazimierskie” group.

A stone canyon, left after a river that died out, disappeared, cuts through the living, pulsating tissue of Kazimierz, like an open wound. A painting exhibition in this empty canyon, in an excluded space now filled with art and thus completing the rest of Kazimierz.

In the same way the Confraternity of Art in Kazimierz supports and continues the image of Kazimierz that is constantly present in social consciousness – a town whose identity is defined by art. Paintings of several dozen of painters from the Kazimierz Confraternity of Art  hung in a stone canyon convince us, through the absurdity of this place, that here art really is something different that can only be met in this place. Different and important. In the absence of the river, another element took the place of water, an element natural for Kazimierz – painting. But this time the Art Canal is not only painting, it is also music. It will be present at the opening of the Art Canal thanks to  the “Dziady kazimierskie” music group. The name of the band refers to the fact that its members are “emigrants” from Kazimierz who, however, still remember the town and keep coming back. They sing about… Kazimierz, of course.