Fridrik Thor Fridriksson at the Two Riversides



Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is unquestionably the leader of Iceland’s national cinema. The most appreciated Icelandic director will be a special guest at the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival. Coarse humour, breathtaking visuals and roots deep in Icelandic culture – this is what is characteristic of his films.

As a part of a retrospective of Fridriksson’s works, prepared especially for this occasion, among others we will see: “Children of Nature”, Oscar-nominated Scandinavian variation on the road movie, original documentaries: “Rock in Reykjavik” – the first film starring Björk, who was a sixteen year-old singer of the punk band Tappi Tíkarrass at the time, or “Sunshine Boy” with Kate Winslet as a special guest, and full-length films: “Movie Days,” regarded by world critics as the Icelandic answer to works such as “Cinema Paradiso” by Tornatore or “Amarcord” by Fellini, and – “Angels of the Universe,” one of the most popular films on the island.

The director will also be the guest of the LESSON OF THE CINEMA series.