Ah! | Ech! – dir. Marek Koterski, 1972

date: 30/07/2012 time: 10:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: retrospective of Marek Koterski artistic program: films

PL | 1972 | 12 min
reż|dir  Marek Koterski scen|wr Marek Koterski zdj|ph Andrzej Popławski


A documentary short film recorded at a sobering station. Without any inhibitions, the film depicts pitifulness of this humiliating place: inert bodies of the drunk dragged under the shower and poured over with icy-cold water, raving of intoxicated people that changes into aggressive monologues at medical orderlies or heavens above, sour smell of half-digested alcohol wafting in the air. Gibberish and swearwords mix with a lecture by an instructor saying that only three nations drink so heavily: the Russians, the Finns and the Poles. Nobody knows why.