Diego el Cigala at the Two Riversides – for the first time in Poland



The king of flamenco and Rasta prophet, the blazing hot Jamaica and the white cities of the sun-scorched Andalusia – this is how we shall begin the 6th Two Riversides Film and Art Festival.

On the 28th of July, during the official opening of the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz Dolny (the Main Market), we will have the chance to see the master of flamenco, Diego el Cigala, performing in Poland for the first time. Due to his small stature and great passion with which he performs, his fans often call him “Little Prawn.” His music mixes African rhythms with Jewish and Islamic tradition. In flamenco, Castilian ballads mix with Greek psalms and Iranian chants. This diversity has seduced not only musicians, but also many filmmakers. One of those who fell in love with the folklore of Andalusian Gypsies is Carlos Saura, one of the most famous Spanish directors