Coming Out Polish Style | Coming out po polsku – dir. Sławomir Grünberg, Katka Reszke, 2011

date: 03/08/2012 time: 16:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: in the short run artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | 60 min
reż|dir Sławomir Grünberg, Katka Reszke pro|pro Lucyna Kowalska scen|wr Sławomir Grünberg zdj|ph Sławomir Grünberg muz|mus Rony’s Insomnia mon|ed Katka Reszke dys|dis Ragusa Film

“Coming Out Polish Style” offers a rare look into the lives of gays and lesbians people in contemporary Poland. The film explores the issue of gay and lesbian rights in a conservative society, which is undergoing a very dynamic transformation, allowing for more and more successful liberal changes. The documentary focuses on the diverse and complex identity struggles involved in the process of ‘coming out’. It profiles both celebrities who are openly gay in Poland, as well as young people from small towns who are still in the process of ‘coming out’.

Slawomir Grünberg (1951)
Documentary film producer, director and cinematographer. Independent artist, focusing on films concerning social, identity, political and ecological issues. A graduate of the Lodz Film School, author of over 40 television documentaries. His film School Prayer: A Community at War premiered on PBS, and won the National EMMY Award.

Katka Reszke (1978)
Documentary filmmaker, anthropologist, and photographer. She is a researcher in Jewish History and Identity, since 2007 working also in documentary filmmaking as a writer, director and editor. Katka Reszke is the author of the book Return Of The Jew: Identity Narratives of the Third Post-Holocaust Generation of Jews in Poland which will be published in Poland and the US in 2012.