Courage | Wymyk – dir. Grzegorz Zgliński, 2011

date: 28/07/2012 time: 20:00 place: GOK, Janowiec film program: I love cinema artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | 85 min
reż|dir Grzegorz Zgliński prod|pro Jacek Gawryszczak scen|wr Grzegorz Zgliński, Janusz Margański zdj|ph Witold Płóciennik muz|mus Jacek Grudzień, Mariusz Ziemba mon|ed Leszek Starzyński ob|cast Robert Więckiewicz, Łukasz Simlat, Gabriela Muskała dys|dis Best Film


Your life can change in a split second.

Alfred (Robert Więckiewicz) lives on the edge, loves speed and adrenaline, but it is his younger brother who shows courage in running their company. A woman, business, the attention of their parents  – everything divides them. Alfred’s jealousy turns into an open conflict. On that day Alfred will do something that will forever change his life.

Greg Zglinski (1968)
Polish director, producer, editor, and composer of film music. Former rock guitarist in Zurich, Switzerland, where he spent 15 years. In 1996 he finished studies at the PWSFTviT Film School in Łódź. Received numerous awards, among others the CinemAvvenire Award for best debut and  Signis-Prize at the Venice Film Festival 2004 for “All Winter Without Fire.”