Dad Went Fishing | Tato poszedł na ryby – dir. Grzegorz Pacek, 2011

date: 31/07/2012 time: 15:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: in the short run artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | 51 min
reż|dir  Grzegorz Pacek prod|pro Anna Baumgart, Grzegorz Pacek scen|wr zdj|ph Bogumił Godfrejów muz|mus  mon|ed Anna Wagner, Krzysztof Raczyński, Grzegorz Pacek dys|dis TVP


Africaner Juan van Tonder, bon viveur from Cape Town, influenced by a traumatic experience establishes an orphanage for black children in Pomfret, a small village in South Africa. Step by step, we get to know the motifs that stand behind Juan’s actions. Is there a secret behind his affection and attachment to these children? In the man’s memories there are more and more traumatic events from the past. What sins is he trying to redeem with his altruistic deeds?

Grzegorz Pacek (1965)
In 1988 he graduated from the Environmental Engineering Faculty at the University of Technology in Warsaw. He also studied film directing at the PWSFTviT Film School in Łódź (1991-1996). As a director and scriptwriter he made several documentary films, short feature films, commercial videos and the full-length “Wednesday, Thursday Morning.” His film “A Letter From Argentina” has been awarded for best script at the Cracow festival and won the Grand Prix in Szczecin. “I’m Bad” received the Golden Lajkonik award at the 2001 MFFK Film Festival in Cracow.