Devil from Seventh Grade, The | Szatan z siódmej klasy – dir. Maria Kaniewska, 1960 – PREMIERE of remastered version

date: 04/08/2012 time: 10:00 place: PGE Cinema film program: special screenings artistic program: films

PL | 1960 | 105 min
reż|dir Maria Kaniewska prod|pro Stanisław Daniel scen|wr Maria Kaniewska, Roman Niewiarowicz zdj|ph Antoni Wójtowicz muz|mus Witold Krzemieński mon|ed Lidia Pstrokońska ob|cast Józef Skwark, Stanisław Milski, Pola Raksa, Krystyna Karkowska, Kazimierz Wichniarz, Ryszard Ronczewski, Mieczysław Czechowicz, Zdzisław Lubelski dys|dis Kino RP


A film adaptation of Kornel Makuszyński’s excellent adventure novel. Adam Cisowski, nicknamed “Devil” by his peers, discovers prof. Gąsowski’s testing system. Full of admiration for the boy’s intelligence and wit, the teacher invites him to spend the holidays at his brother Iwo’s estate. Perhaps Adaś will be able to solve the mystery of the stolen doors, a case that nobody can seem to crack. The young protagonist agrees, partially because the professor’s niece, beautiful Wanda (Pola Raksa’s film debut!), will be there as well. Having a bent for detective work, Adaś finds traces to a nearby hidden treasure from Napoleon’s times. The search ceases to be innocent once he finds out that a gang of dangerous criminals is treading on his heels. The film’s story is taken from the interwar period and placed in modern times, maintaining the atmosphere and humour of the literaty original.

Maria Kaniewska (1911)
Actress and director. Graduated from prof. Janina Mieczyńska’s Artistic Dance School. Performed on stages in Warsaw and Toruń from 1933, and in Łódź theatres from 1945. She became Poland’s first dubbing director in 1948. Director of feature films, television films, and theatre plays. Research fellow at the Film School (PWSFTviT) in Łódź (1949-89), dean of the Acting Faculty in the years 1968-69 and 1974-76.