Shreds | Strzępy – dir. Grażyna Gliwińska, 2012

date: 03/08/2012 time: 14:15 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

PL | 2012 | 29 min
reż|dir Grażyna Gliwińska prod|pro Monika Golisz, Businesslab Sp. z o.o. scen|wr Grażyna Gliwińska zdj|ph Rafał Ramatowski mon|ed Jaromir Dziewic ob|cast Dorota Pomykała, Konrad Cichoń, Sara Celler – Jezierska, Bartosz Nowicki


The reality has been harsh on Beata: after an eight-year work gap as a creative director she has been trying to regain her position in the advertising market, with no success though. As a result of a car accident she has become a widow and her only son has been completely paralysed and unresponsive. One after another, people turn away from her and Przemek, as if from a cumbersome problem. Beata’s life is but routine around Przemek: changing diapers, washing, applying bed-sores ointment, reading books, looking for a job, subsequent rejections and waiting for a letter. In her solitude, Beata tells her beloved son of visions of a better life, creates a world of hope for him whereas herself she struggles with questioning the very point of his existence.   

Grażyna Gliwińska
She believes “no one should ever write their own biography… especially when one takes into account that I am an anti-system person and I do not want to name schools I attended or companies I worked for – because who reads this and who cares? And if someone thinks that a school may form a person then he/she is a fool anyway so who should I write to after all? If I achieve something on the art market then it will be the market to verify me and write me its own testimonial..”