Paperbox | Papierowe pudełko – dir. Zbigniew Czapla, 2012

date: 01/08/2012 time: 13:30 place: Allianz Cinema film program: independent short films competition artistic program: films

PL | 2012 | 9 min
reż|dir Zbigniew Czapla prod|pro Zbigniew Czapla scen|wr Zbigniew Czapla zdj|ph Zbigniew Czapla muz|mus Jarosław Konopka mon|ed Zbigniew Czapla


The eponymous box was found by the author in his family house that was destroyed during the flood in Poland in May 2010. Recording family souvenirs in a hurry allowed stopping the decomposition process only for an instant, leaving the memory with a picture of overwhelming emptiness. What remained were only pieces of composition, scraps of portraits and silhouettes, all difficult to identify. Damp photographs became blurry and tattered, leaving a rich structure of prints, stains and flakes.
The film is a desperate attempt at preserving memories and reconstructing people and events from the past. It is an impression on fleeting nature of human memory, inevitability of passing of time and the nature’s destructive force.

Zbigniew Czapla (1972)
Screenwriter, director, animator, painter and graphic artist. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow – specializing in animated film. Won prizes at several festivals, such as the International Animated Films Festival KROK, TOFUZI, Anifest ROZAFA, TINDIRINDIS and OFAFA. Member of the International Animated Film Society ASIFA. Received scholarships from the Ellizabeth Greenshields Foundation (Canada), DAAD (Germany) and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.