Melancholia | Melancholia – dir. Lars von Trier, 2011

date: 29/07/2012 time: 21:00 place: The Silver Star Cinema film program: great cinema on the small market square artistic program: films

FR, SE, DE, DK | 2011 | 136 min  
reż|dir  Lars von Trier prod|pro Meta Louise Foldager, Louise Vesth scen|wr Lars von Trier zdj|ph Manuel Alberto Claro muz|mus Richard Wagner mon|ed Molly Marlene Stensgaard, Morten Højbjerg ob|cast Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, Kiefer Sutherland dys|dis Gutek Film


The newest film of the ingenious provocateur Lars von Trier. The main heroes are two sisters, Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Claire (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Justine is getting married and fails to bear the pressure of the lavish, rich, perfect wedding. Shortly, it turns out that a blue planet is approaching Earth, threatening to the end the world. The heroes fall into a state of limbo, and the news of the end awaken a fear that everyone has to deal with in their own way.


Von Trier makes use of the disaster film convention to talk about a private apocalypse and create a psychological story about what is final. The wonderful performances form the actors and tasteful shots are emphasised by the frequently used Richard Wagner score to “Tristan and Isolda.”

2011 European Film Award – awards for the Best Film, Best Production Designer and Best Cinematographer
2011 Cannes FF – Best Actress Award (Kirsten Dunst)

Lars von Trier (1956) Danish director and scriptwriter, one of the leading figures of the European film d’auteur. In 1983 he graduated from the National Film School of Denmark. Co-author of the famous “Dogme 95” manifesto, calling for minimalism in the use of cinematic resources, and co-founder of the Zentropa movie production company. Among his numerous awards is the Palme d’Or for “Dancer in the Dark.” Known for his various phobias and chronic depressions.