Dr Charakter Presents II | Dr Charakter przedstawia II – dir. Piotr Dumała, 2011

date: 28/08/2012 time: 12:00 place: Allianz Cinema film program: in the short run artistic program: films

PL | 2011 | 8 min
reż|dir Piotr Dumała prod|pro Serafiński Studio Graficzno – Filmowe scen|wr Piotr Dumała muz|mus Wojciech Lemański mon|ed Robert Rząca dys|dis Serafiński Studio Sp. z o.o.


“Dr Charakter presents” is a program made to look like the popular science programmes broadcast in the beginnings of Polish television: ”Cobra,” “Daily TV News” or ”TV-Echoes,” at the same time being an ironic commentary on the modern silver screen, which loves everything that is strange. In the second part of the animated series the guests of the Doctor are, among others, a man who has taught an ant to eat with fork and knife, Helena-Maszyna who is an enthusiast of ironing, and an old man looking for an English tap and die.

Piotr Dumała (1956)
Director, scriptwriter, and animator. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (speciality: preservation of stone sculptures at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art; for two years studied at the Animated Film Studio at the Faculty of Graphic Arts). Wykładowca PWSFTviT w Łodzi.