Nineandahalf’s Goodbye | 9einhalbs Abschied – dir. Halina Dyrschka, 2010

date: 04/08/2012 time: 10:00 place: PGE Cinema film program: in the short run artistic program: films

DE | 2010 | 14 min  
reż|dir Halina Dyrschka scen|wr Guido Schmelich zdj|ph Alicja Pahl muz|mus Jan Giese mon|ed Angel Cano ob|cast Ben Litwinschuh, Tim Litwinschuh, Martin Ontrop, Sylvia Schwarzdys|dis Ambrosia Film


A beautiful story about two young brothers –  Tom and Pieta, the relationship and love that they share. How to bid a hamster farewell in a way that he deserves? How did he get to heaven, where he can keep living? An inconspicuous story which asks important questions that adults cannot  always answer.

2011 International Children’s Film Festival India – 2 Golden Elephants
2010 15th International Schlingel Filmfestival Chemnitz w Niemczech – Best short film

Halina Dyrschka (1975)
German director and producer. First she studied acting at the  Westfälischen Schauspielschule in Bochum. In 2007 she founded the “Ambrosia Filmproduktion.” A year later she graduated from the film production faculty. Since the success of her directing debut, “Nineandahalf’s Goodbye,” she has been concentrated on directing.